My name is Quentin Duvall and my mother has dementia and Alzheimer’s. This disease involves loss of memory, loss of bodily functions and the ability to dress, bathe, and feed one’s self, so she needs 24 hour care.

When my mom became ill, I did not know where to turn. Mom wanted to stay in her home, but as time went on it became clear she could not do a simple task. So I started looking for a place that she could afford and that would take care of her. I searched for over a year in Maryland and Virginia for a place that would take care of my mother and would feel good about leaving her there. I found such a place at Montgomery Eldercare in Silver Spring, Maryland. She has been there for almost two years now and is thriving. The dementia has not and will not improve, but her physical health is good. She has care, warmth, comfort and dignity. She is dressed, bathed, fed 3 meals per day and groomed every day. The patients are monitored daily and any issues that come up are addressed quickly with the relatives.

This is an assisted living resident house for 1 to 5 people with 24/7 care, meals, bathing, cleaning, laundry and much more. They are opening a second place soon.

I recommend Montgomery Eldercare for your love ones, they deserve the best care.

Quentin Duvall

Mom has been a resident at Montgomery Eldercare for the last two years and five months.

I am very happy for the care that she receives. The staff is patient and kind. The physical environment is clean and comfortable. Each resident is treated fairly and they are very happy.

I recommend giving Montgomery Eldercare a try. I believe you will be pleased as will your parents.

Roslin Biene

Bless you. You and your family are in our prayers everyday. You bring peace and love not only to our mother’s heart, but to our souls.

Without you, our world would simply not be the same. Bless you this Christmas and may the New Year bring luck!


The Ricche/Salter Clan

Thank you for your warm hospitality when I visited last week. You have a lovely home and so much love to share with families. I wish you much success.

I wish you all the best.

Dilie Vaulond

On behalf of the family, we wanted to extended our sincere appreciation for the care you provided our mother during the last several months.

She is happy and comfortable. Special thanks to your staff.

I wish you the very best and continued success in the future.